Selected Illustrations

Illustrations for Rupert Rochester & Elsie Pocket, the story of a boy, a gardener, and a camera, 2014.

Rupert Rupert lived in a very large house...

...where several servants took care of him.

Rupert spent a great deal of time taking pictures from funny places.

And then one day tragedy struck.

He noticed a lone figure in the garden.

The soup kitchen.

She sent him off to his room right after supper every night, so that they might each have time alone. All in all, things were satisfactory.

“Say ‘soup’” Rupert thought (but he never would have said it).

Illustrations for Elsie Pocket, her sad yet fortunate history, 2014.

They loved each other dearly.

But when Elsina Pookatina was only ten, her father’s beastly brother, Uncle Frederick Pookatina, staged a coup d’état.

It is said that he made the cockroaches march in formation!

For days, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, Elsie and her mother sneaked through city streets...

“You’ve come at exactly the right time. I’m sorely in need of a gardener.”

Elsie’s only interest was in the gardens.

Elsie often wondered what he was up to.

Her quiet presence made Sir Rupert happy for the rest of his days.

The Great Arab Revolt Project, Southern Jordan, 2008-2010.

Tel Shahm. graphite.

Blockhouse on Hijaz Railway. ink.

David. graphite.

Tent Circles. graphite.

Goatherd on Hijaz Railway. graphite.

Ian. graphite.

Cat. ink.

Tent circles at dusk. graphite.

Block house on Hijaz Railway; Michael Drawing. ink.

Kelly and guy. graphite.

ali, near waheida. graphite.

Nick and Cat, Tel Shahm  station.

Anna. graphite.

Neil, Batn al ghul. graphite.

John. graphite.

Waheida. graphite.