C. P. T.  Jennings, published by

Red Feather Press New York

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The Undulating Mountain

When their parents fail to return home to their Manhattan apartment one evening, twelve year old Sophie Penn and her brothers William and Tom are left to navigate on their own in a city where technology has become unreliable, discombobulated bands of people roam the streets, fires erupt spontaneously on the rivers, and no one seems to be in charge. On a journey that takes them from the changed streets of their home city to the no less changed and mysterious Undulating Mountain where their grandmother Lupine lives, the children seek to right their out-of-balance world. It is a journey fraught with danger, and full of wonder and new friends.

2014. Available online and through bookstores.

290 pages.

Library of Congress number: 2014907505

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9903426-1-8  $20.00

Kindle: ISBN 978-0-9903426-4-9 $8.99

Other e-pub formats: (Nook, i-tunes, and others) ISBN  978-0-9903426-5-6 $8.99

Her Family of Men

A dark age, illuminated by a moment of hope. A distant father revered by the known world.  A mother who dabbles in mystery, whose friends are from an unknown land. War for belief, for territory, for familial power.  Envy. Love betrayed, love unrequited, love that goes unrecognized. The ancient and hypnotic science of an instrument called the stargazer. and in the midst of all, a small,gifted, and misunderstood boy who must navigate the mysteries surrounding him. The early life of Médy Artorius.

2007 and 2014. Available online and through bookstores.

340 pages.

Library of Congress Control number: 2014905695

In paperback: ISBN 978-0-9839317-99

Retail: $20.00

Kindle: ISBN 978-0-9903426-3-2

Other e-book formats: ISBN 978-9903426-6-3

Amazon In Arabic, Backward From Illness, A Memoir

This deeply affecting memoir recounts the author’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment as it interrupts and intersects her work as resident artist for a World War I archaeology project in the Middle East, and sends her back to the past to muse upon and evaluate the building blocks of her unusual life: the influences of others, early circumstances, and her own thoughts and actions. In the apparent disconnect between her Appalachian childhood and her work in the southern deserts of Jordan she discovers among other things the roots of her commitment to human rights and her empathy with people of other cultures, as well as the lessons for rebuilding her life after illness.  

2011. Available online and through bookstores.

216 pages.

Library of Congress Number: 2014938994

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9903426-0-1  $16.00

Kindle: ISBN 978-0-9839317-1-3 $5.99

Other e-book formats: ISBN 978-0-9839317-4-4 $5.99

A Conspiracy of Goodness

Thirty-year-old Henry Oliver has achieved international success as a dancer and choreographer not through blind ambition but through an almost equally disturbing focus that, combined with his gifts, allows him to ignore both his own and others’ emotional needs. But just as he is arriving at the pinnacle of his career, a close friend dies and his cold focus deserts him, leaving him vulnerable to emotional demands that sap his self-confidence. He turns tail on all he has fought for and runs home to his mother Bella, who still lives in the small mountain town where Henry grew up. She was his first teacher and inspiration, but her seeming-foolishness has always embarrassed Henry and driven him away. Bella, on the other hand, has secrets that she has always kept hidden from her son. Now she is dying. Will they be able to reconcile before it is too late, so that Bella can die at peace and Henry can bring his true gifts to fruition?


276 pages

PAPERBACK EDITION ISBN: 978-06158179-9-6 $16.00

KINDLE ISBN 978-0-9839317-1-3  $5.99

ALL OTHER EBOOK FORMATS ISBN 978-0-9839317-3-7 $5.99


Elsie Pocket, Her sad yet fortunate story

Has anyone ever told you the story of Elsie Pocket, that peculiar person who works magic in the gardens at 13 Truffle Avenue? No? Well, I will tell you then, because it’s a very interesting story indeed.......

56 pages, illustrated.

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-304-93809-1

Retail: $14.00

Kindle:  $3.99

Rupert Rochester and Elsie Pocket,

The story of a boy, a gardener, and a camera

Rupert has everything a boy might dream of,, as long as you don’t count love and friendship. Then, when tragedy strikes, a very surprising person comes to the rescue...the mysterious Elsie Pocket, who has experienced tragedies of her own and therefore understands what a little boy might need.

59 pages, illustrated.

Paperback:  ISBN  978-1-105-17514-5

Retail: $14.00

Kindle: $3.99

Rupert Rochester & Elsie Pocket: three stories

Now in one book, the complete tales of Rupert & Elsie, including a brand-new story Return to the Pookatina Kingdom.

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9903426-8-7    $14.00